Q1. What is The Yellow and Black Giving Back Foundation?
The Yellow and Black Giving Back Foundation is a 501(c)(3) U.S. non-profit public charity. This non-profit entity was founded by PHI to provide financial assistance to its own eligible employees who are experiencing hardship. The Foundation grants can help pay for essential living expenses such as housing, food, utilities, clothing and other basic necessities.
Q2. Where does the money to provide grants come from?

PHI made the first donation to start our Foundation, and to begin awarding grants for those that qualify. Over time, the fund will be sustained with a combination of donations from PHI, our employees, fundraising activities, outside individuals and other non-profit entities.

Q3. What is defined as hardship?

“An unexpected event or catastrophe that is a non-recurring or an unavoidable situation of a serious and urgent nature.” These include:

  1. A natural disaster, such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake;
  2. Critical illness, serious injury or death affecting employees and their immediate family; and
  3. Other qualifying emergency or crisis situations, which include but not limited to
  • Avoidance of eviction from the employee’s primary residence;
  • Losses to property (including an employee’s primary residence) as a result of fire, flood, or other occurrences which affect the employee but are not classified by the authorities as natural disasters that otherwise qualify for relief;
  • Losses from crime;
  • Incidents of domestic violence requiring the employee or an immediate family Member who is the victim to seek alternative living arrangements; and
  • Military deployment of the employee or an immediate family member.
Q4. Who manages this foundation?

The Board of Directors, Officers, the Employee Distribution Committee and the Operations Staff serve as stewards for the fund to ensure that the grants awarded meet the mission, criteria and guidelines of the Foundation.

Q5. Why does PHI have a foundation?

Our employees are committed to serving our customers, patients and communities. We are equally committed to compassionately serve our employees. Through this Foundation, we build on our long-held commitment to service and to supporting our own who are experiencing hardship.

Q6. As an employee of PHI, am I eligible to receive assistance/grant through the Foundation?

Yes, as an employee of PHI if you are experiencing a hardship that meets the criteria for assistance you are eligible. Please click here to review the grant award eligibility criteria.

Q7. How do I apply?

Click here to obtain the form. Submit the completed form to the Foundation Coordinator, Sonja Elcic via email @ PHIFund@YellowandBlackGivingBack.org.

Q8. Does the Foundation accept donations?

Yes, the Foundation accepts donations. Donations can be made via payroll deduction, credit card or check. Please click here to visit our website for more details.

Q9. Is my donation to the Foundation tax deductible?

In the United States, donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. International donors must consult with their tax advisor. The Foundation is not recognized outside of the United States as a Foundation or Public Charity.

Q10. If the Foundation is not recognized outside the U.S. as a Foundation or Private Charity, will the Foundation still assist international employees who are experiencing hardship?

Yes, while the Foundation is not recognized outside of the United States as a Foundation or Public Charity, our international employees can still apply and be awarded the same grant benefit as our domestic employees.