Donate via Amazon Smile


Open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone

If you don’t have the app already, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Open Settings within the app

Open Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines (aka the “hamburger”) on the bottom right and scroll down to “Settings.”


Tap AmazonSmile


Tap the button for “Turn on AmazonSmile”

You’ll need to follow the three-step setup process. Note that Amazon requires you to turn on notifications to be able to use AmazonSmile on your phone.


Make note of your renewal date

Amazon asks that you renew your AmazonSmile donation every six months. This is easy but required. When six months are up, you’ll have to choose your favorite charity again. If you don’t, purchases made until you do will not count.


Confirm that AmazonSmile is active before your next purchase

Look for AmazonSmile at the top of the app as you browse. You’ll also see your chosen charity on the confirmation screen.

Please note, when shopping from your web browser on your computer you need to make the purchase through for our Foundation to benefit from your eligible purchases (on the app it applies automatically).

AmazonSmile, the simple and no-cost way to donate to a favorite charity like the Yellow and Black Giving Back Foundation, donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases on Amazon to a charity of your choice, at no extra cost to you. All you need to do is start your shopping at